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In Thailand, Bangkok Hospital Phuket has in the last 20 years focused its efforts to propagate the concept of health care as well as being preventive health check. We have designed preventive health check packages to suit and to meet your varied needs of people. We also focus on improving medical facilities to meet the needs of our patients and their families. The hospital facilities are also provided 1000 Out-Patient capacities, 200 In-Patient capacities, and over 27 Centers of Excellence, which include international hospital accommodation, 5 Operation Theaters, 11 ICU, and 8 CCU for your stay in our Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

Our doctors are nationally and internationally known for their leadership and expertise in the diagnosis, management and treatment of disease in patients of all ages. We consider training to be one of the cornerstones of our growth and development. We have implemented continuous training programmes to ensure that our personnel remain at the forefront of medical performance.

Our Vision “Bangkok Hospital Phuket will become The Regional Tertiary Care and Medical Center of Choice in ASEAN Community

Chief Executive Officer – BDMS Group 6

Pichit Kangwolkij

Pichit Kangwolkij, M.D

Pichit Kangwolkij, M.D., the CEO of BDMS Southern Group – Eastern Region received the Certificate of Epitome of the Year 2013 in Healthcare Business from Foundation of Science and Technology Council of Thailand, Ministry of Science and Technology. The honor shield was presented to him by General Pijit Kullawanich, the Privy Councilor. The reason for this award is his outstanding hospital management skill with continuous Corporate Social Responsibility projects.

Director of Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Narongrit Havarungsi, M.D.

Deputy Hospital Director

Lalita Kongseeha, M.D.

Assistant Hospital Director

Kamonsak Reungjarearnrung

Mr. Kamonsak Reungjarearnrung

Mr. Prasert Srivanitrak

Bhummikitti Ruktaengam

Mr. Bhummikitti Ruktaengam

Nattaweit Meegul

Nattaweit Meegul, M.D.

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