Bangkok Hospital Phuket’s History

Welcome to Bangkok Hospital Phuket, one of the best private hospital in Asia

Bangkok Hospital Phuket, located in southern Thailand in the Andaman Sea and the Indian Ocean on Phuket Island near Patong beach, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Phuket.

Our hospital began its construction in July 1993 and grand opening on May 22nd, 1995. The hospital is a joint venture between Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Plc. (BDMS), Anuphas & Sons Co., Ltd. and a group of local investors. The total investment at the time was 800 million Baht.

In Thailand, Bangkok Hospital Phuket has in the last over 20 years focused its efforts to propagate the concept of health care as well as being preventive health check. We have designed preventive health check packages to suit and to meet your varied needs of people, such as “Wellness Diamond Packages” for the executives and basic checkup for general population, including an array of blood tests, ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, CCTA, Treadmill test (TMT), Pulmonary function test (PFT), ECG, and dental check up and eye test.

Our doctors are nationally and internationally known for their leadership and expertise in the diagnosis, management and treatment of disease in patients of all ages. We consider training to be one of the cornerstones of our growth and development. We have implemented continuous training programmes to ensure that our personnel remain at the forefront of medical performance.

The hospital facilities are also provided 1000 Out-Patient capacities, 200 In-Patient capacities, and over 27 Centers of Excellence, which include international hospital accommodation, 5 Operation Theaters, 11 ICU, and 8 CCU for your stay in our Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

With the strong co-operation with the leading hotels, resorts and spa on the island, we have initiated the Outreach Clinics, which is now growing to 10 clinics all around Phuket, this can be ensured that you will experience the excellence health care service from our Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

Bangkok Hospital Phuket in 2017

What’s behind the iconic Sino-colonial façade?

Following centuries old predominantly Chinese influence. Phuket has embraced western civilization during the heyday of colonialism (1901 – 1931), bringing to life a new art form –Sino-colonial architecture. A fruit of the island’s erstwhile vibrant tin trade and overseas contact, the Sino-colonial architecture, commonly seen in Penang, Malacca, Singapore, has become its popular form of construction. As an East-Meets-West incarnation, Sino-colonial architecture is well designed to cope with the region’s tropical monsoon climate.

This is the reason why Bangkok Hospital Phuket has undergone a major facelift with an iconic Sino-colonial façade as part of preserving local heritage and showing strong commitment to local people. The façade is 3-storey high and supported by European-style pillars and arches. In the middle are vast shuttered windows, air vent covers with Chinese floral design, and big vents above, aka Dragon’s Eyes. Don’t miss out on the signature B+ motif at the top of those 24 arches.

This was further complemented by the most recent addition with the Garuda sculpture mounting ceremony held on 28 July 2017. Upon a Royal bestowal from the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej (King Rama IX), the Garuda emblem serves as a mark of distinction for the hospital to maintain total righteousness and integrity in operations as always.

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