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We are a specialized orthopedic medical institute center for the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases such as bone, muscle, tendon, joint, and all orthopedic therapies as well as the sports medicine by our experienced interdisciplinary physicians’ team specializing in every aspect of orthopedic including orthopedic surgeon and professional nurses.

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Tel: +66 7625 4425 ext. 3744, 8335, 1094

We provide full care for all patients, whether trauma patient or general patient with musculoskeletal disorders. Besides, we deliver services of diagnosis, intervention procedures, surgeries including minimally invasive surgery and endoscopic discectomy, which is currently prominent surgical strategies due to it causes minimal blood loss in recipient, lesser wounds and discomfort than invasive surgery technique, developing the patient in rapidly recuperation and faster gain their quality of daily life.

Our medical services

Bone & Joint Center, Bangkok Hospital Phuket, consists of specially tutored orthopedic surgeons who possess outstanding mastery and experience in every branch of subjects. With our qualified setting and modern medical equipment certified by JCI international standard to ensure patients the excellence of services we contribute.

  • General Orthopedics Clinic.
  • Arthroscope Clinic.
  • Hand Clinic.
  • Bangkok Spine Academy Phuket.
  • Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy Center.

Screening and diagnosis services.

  • General physical inspection by an orthopedic specialist.
  • Bone X-ray assessment.
  • Bone densitometry (DXA Scan).
  • Computerized Tomography Scan: 128-Slice CT Scan.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging : 1.5 Tesla MRI Scanner.
  • Analysis of muscles and tendons abnormalities with Ultrasound – Musculoskeletal device is a protected method (no radiation exposure) and contains high accurate.

Disease treatment services.

  • Bone and joint diseases.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Arthritis/septic arthritis.
  • Common orthopedic disorders in pediatric and geriatric.
  • numbness of fingers and trigger fingers.

Spine and nerve therapy.

  • Neck/scapula/back/waist pain with carpal tunnel or tarsal tunnel
  • Cervical vertebra and/or spine degeneration.
  • Herniated cervical discs and/or lumbar disc herniation.
  • Scoliosis
  • Back pain due to lifting.
  • Numbness of arms/legs, arms/legs weakness.

Spinal conditions / problem

  • Cervical (neck)
    • Cervical radiculopathy
    • Cervical disc herniation
    • Cervical foraminal stenosis
    • Cervical spondylosis
    • Cervical instability
    • Cervical spine infection
    • Cervical myelopathy
    • Cervical spine trauma
  • Lumbar (Lower back)
    • Lumbar radiculopathy
    • Lumbar disc herniation
    • Lumbar spinal stenosis
    • Lumbar spondylolisthesis
    • Lumbar scoliosis
    • Lumbar spine infection
    • Lumbar spine trauma
  • Thoracic (mid back)
    • Thoracic myelopathy
    • Thoracic stenosis
    • Ossified yellow ligament
    • Thoracic scoliosis/ kyphosis
    • Thoracic spine infection
    • Thoracic spine trauma

Knee and joint replacement.

Comprehensive therapy services.

  • Splints.
  • Physical therapy and body rehabilitation by the Health Rehabilitation Center.
  • Providing prostheses or artificial body parts that help in reducing abnormalities of the body by the Scandinavian Orthopedic Laboratory (SOL).
  • Prescriptions.
  • Relieving back pain by injecting anti-inflammatory prescriptions into the spinal cavity.
  • Backbone and pelvic bone mass density measurement services.
  • Treatment and prevention of initial stage of osteoporosis.
  • Treatment of vertebral compression fracture by Percutaneous Vertebroplasty technique.
  • Treatment of fractures due to sports accidents.
    • Sports Injury Treatment & Care
    • Sport Recovery

Surgical therapy.

  • Minimally invasive surgery.
    • Cervical (all minimally invasive)
      • ACDF(anterior discectomy and fusion
      • TDR (total disc replacement)
      • Posterior cervical foraminotomy
      • Posterior cervical instrument fusion
    • Thoracic (minimally invasive)
      • Deformity correction of scoliosis / kyphosis (open)
      • Decompression of thoracic spinal cord (thoracic laminectomy)
      • Thoracic spine fixation
    • Lumbar (all minimally invasive)
      • Microscopic (3D) assisted tubular discectomy
      • Microscopic (3D) assisted laminotomy / laminectomy
      • Endoscopic discectomy
      • Posterior lumbar fusion(MIS-TLIF)
      • DLIF, XLIF, OLIF
      • Anterior lumbar fusion (ALIF)
      • Percutaneous pedicle screw fixation for spine trauma
  • Surgery to treat spinal infection and spinal tuberculosis.
  • Arthroscopic Surgery.
  • Endoscopic discectomy of knee.
  • Endoscopic discectomy of pelvic.
  • Endoscopic discectomy to treat complications of the shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle.
  • Bone density scan: DEXA scan
  • Computerized Tomography Scan: 128-Slice CT Scan
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging : 1.5 Tesla MRI Scanner
  • The O–arm Surgical Imaging System: Stealth Station™ navigation
  • Anti-gravity Treadmill : Alter-G
  • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
  • Surgical  Microscope
Total Hip Replacement Testimonial


Total Hip Replacement Testimonial

Mr. Kerry Nicholas Weeks

Cervical Spine Injury

Mr. Garry

Spine Surgery

Service Hours

Bone and Joint Center, Ground floor, is open daily from 8.00 am. – 5.00 pm. (After 5.00 pm., please contact the Emergency & Trauma Center)

Bangkok Spine Academy Phuket, Ground floor, is open daily from 8.00 am. – 4.00 pm. (Contact the Bone and Joint Center)

Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy Center, Ground floor, is open daily from 8.00 am. – 4.00 pm.

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Bone and Joint Center
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Phone: +66 7625 4425 ext. 8335, +66 7636 1000 ext. 8335

Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy Center
Phone: +66 7625 4425 ext. 8335, +66 7636 1000 ext. 1094


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