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Emergency & Trauma Center

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The Capacity of the Emergency and Trauma Center, Bangkok Hospital Phuket, has been certified at Thailand’s the Level of Trauma Centers, which is on par with Comprehensive Advanced Tertiary Care from the Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand (RCST) with the 2nd Level of Trauma Center

The Trauma Center at Bangkok Hospital Phuket has the following significant characteristics and attributes:

  1. Designated as a trauma center in line with Thailand’s national master plan as well as the population density data, transportation routes, the number of people injured annually, the readiness of medical personnel, life-saving equipment, and treatment quality that meets the standard.
  2. A leader in building medical networks in treating people from the point at which the injury occurs until the patient has received comprehensive and definitive care in all communities and responsible local areas.
  3. Comprises a surgical commitment with these three qualifications:
    • A surgeon is the full-time director of the trauma center.
    • The hospital plays an active surgical role in patient care activities and participates in quality development programs.
    • Surgeons support and drive trauma-prevention projects and processes.
    • A leader in surgery and supporting plans to control injuries in the hospital from downward including communities and responsible local areas.
  4. The hospital has sufficient and experienced medical personnel that can assume their duties immediately, work around the clock, and work seven days a week, including trauma surgeons, general surgeons, emergency care specialists, anesthesiologists, neurological surgeons, orthopedic surgeons, etc.
  5. Treats many patients, allowing the hospital to gain experience and develop on a constant basis.
  6. Has a performance improvement program in order to maintain its academic excellence and patient-care standard. The performance of all surgeons is evaluated and recognized; moreover, surgeons assume the role of making decisions and providing treatment to all trauma patients.
  7. Has a budget to sponsor medical personnel capacity development programs and provisions of equipment and tools that are necessary to maintain the standard of trauma patient treatments.
  8. Has a triage system, including under-triage and over-triage that are accurate in order to triage sort and dispense the patients to hospitals that are capable of treating the severity of the trauma as well as pre-hospital care with triage personnel.

Emergency and Trauma Center is located on the 1st floor, Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

Emergency and Trauma Center of Bangkok Hospital Phuket is a full service critical and emergent care open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Your comfort is a priority in our center, where you are greeted with a warm, welcoming smile. Thanks to our professional experience and know-how, we provide you with best services. Our facilities include:

  • 24-hour-standby Ambulances
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Units (CPR)
  • Full-optioned Lifesaving and Surgical Facilities
  • Minor Surgery Unit
  • Mobile Intensive Care Unit
  • Observation units

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Emergency and Trauma CenterEmergency and Trauma CenterEmergency Center

Emergency and Trauma CenterEmergency and Trauma CenterEmergency Center

Trauma CenterEmergency and Trauma CenterEmergency Center

Trauma CenterEmergency and Trauma CenterEmergency Center


Operating theaterOperating theaterOperating theater


Service Hours

Emergency and Trauma Center is open Daily 24 Hours, Open 7 Days.

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