Results of Accident and Trauma Treatment

The injury from an accident is the top public health problem in Thailand and the world, especially those with multiple injuries (multiple organs) that need urgent treatment. In case of a delay, it can cause disability or the risk of life-threatening.

The Emergency & Trauma Center, Bangkok Hospital Phuket commits to continuously develop the patient care system. The center was certified the Comprehensive Advanced Tertiary Care from the Royal College of Surgeons of Thailand (RCST) and promptly provide full treatment service of patients with high risk. Our specialist team will take care of the patients with a full range of treatment to reduce the risk of disability and death.

Results of Accident and Emergency Treatment

Injury Severity Score (ISS)

ISS 1 – 8Minor: should not die
ISS 9 – 15Moderate: should not die
ISS 16 – 24Serious: mortality rate must be less than 5 percent
ISS > 24Severe: mortality rate must be less than 25 percent

*Source: American College of Surgeons. National Trauma Data Bank Annual Report 2016;4;70-20.

**Source: (Internet).2019 (cited 2019 April 01).Available from:

In 2018, 17,195 injured patients were treated at The Emergency & Trauma Center, Bangkok Hospital Phuket. 17,155 cases of Minor to Serious ISS (ISS 1-24) were treated with a 100 percent survival rate. With the promptness and the potential of the expert team, The Emergency & Trauma Center has provided the treatment for 40 cases of severe patients (ISS> 24) with 90 percent survival rate, which is 17.57 percent higher than the survival rate of the United States.

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