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Because weight loss is superficial in fashion by means of spreading the word through various media or on the Internet. Most of them are not designed for each person’s body needs and wasting time on trial and error with those methods, in addition to incurring significant expenses at the risk of getting worse results. It can also cause negative health effects both in the short term and in the long term.

Personalized Metabolic Test Program that Bangkok Hospital Phuket was developed and started to operate since 2020, the first place in Asia. It is one of the best alternatives that can help everyone discover the secrets of effective weight management methods without side effects and also help create a personalized energy and nutrient balance plan for everyone.

Working Principle and Differences Compared to Other Methods

Other instrumental tests use an indirect method by calculating basic data (such as age, gender, weight, height) to determine calorie intake from a database. But unable to determine the exact source of energy and the correct proportion for an individual In addition. The obtained information may be greatly inaccurate, especially among people with metabolic abnormalities, which are increasing in number at present and often occur unconsciously.

While the metabolic method we use is a direct analysis of respiration gas exchange with high-tech equipment under the supervision of a specialist. It’s the best and most accurate way to find calories and macro-nutrient content (such as Carbohydrate, Protein, Fat) that your body needs each day and the best exercise for your fat burning. This is the key to effective weight loss and long-term health improvement.

Examination Process

  • During the test, a heart rate monitoring device and a mask are connected to the breathing analysis device will attached to the chest and face.
  • Takes about 60 minutes in total (30 minutes for test and 30 minutes for explain the result)

Preparation Before the Test

  • Refrain from alcohol and strenuous exercise at least 24 hours before the examination.
  • Abstain from food, tea and coffee at least 3-6 hours before the examination.
  • Can drink the plain water and can take regular medications (Please inform the list of medications used before the test)

Access to Service : Please contact in advance to reserve time for serviced during the period 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Every Monday – Friday at Sports Medicine Department, Bangkok Hospital Phuket Tel.

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