White Blood Cell Function Test

White Blood Cell Function Test

Price | 25,000 Baht

Natural Killer Cells serve to detect and destroy cancerous cells as well as viral invasions in the body. Their counteraction is much more effective than regular white blood cells by almost 100%. Only 15% of lymphocyte white blood cells is identified as NK Cells, not to mention NK Cells degeneration over the course of aging, hence higher cancer incidence in the elderly. That is why this NK Cells Count and NK Cells Activity analysis can reveal your current physical preparedness to guard against illnesses, viral infections, and cancerous growths. It will help your doctor tailor-make the most effective treatment option to boost your health and immune system in the long run.

Common cause of poor NK cell activity are:

  • Cancer
  • Family history of cancer
  • Imbalanced lifestyle e.g Heavy cigarette smoking, sleep deprivation, high stress, obesity
  • Poor nutrition e.g insufficient intake of fruit and vegetables, low protein intake etc.
  • Specific medications e.g immunosuppressive agents, chemotherapy drugs
  • Post-surgery

Recommended for those with

Persistent viral infections

Chronic fatigue


Underlying diseases

Cancer in family history

Exposure to pollution, toxic substances

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