Vitamin Immune Booster

1,700 Baht

As a new formula specially made in response to the current outbreak of COVID-19, this vitamin immune booster consists of multiple vitamins, e.g. vitamin C, A, B Complex D3, zinc. With such high vitamin concentrations when taken together with mushroom extracts, total properties will combine and fortify your overall wholesomeness and immunity.  The vitamin booster is tailor-made for each individual under supervision of our anti-aging specialist for satisfactory outcome.

  • Vitamin A fights against bacterial and other infections. It is key to the generation and functions of white blood cells, which hold back and get rid of bacteria and contaminants in blood system.      
  • Vitamin C helps white blood cells to fight germs, and serves as a prime antioxidant in the body. It also reduces the severity and length of fever.
  • Vitamin D boosts the immune system and helps white blood cells effectively get rid of invading germs in the body, e.g. bacteria, viruses.

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