Vitamin Booster (IV Drip)

Vitamin Booster (IV Drip)

A dose of vitamins and micronutrients is given via IV drip (infusion therapy) for direct absorption to body cells in full 100%, which is impossible through everyday diet. The outcome is to replenish essential vitamins and micronutrients in the body, boost your immune system to stay healthy and leave you refreshed and ready for tomorrow. Suitable for those who have stress, not enough rest, fatigue, muscle pain, or difficulty sleeping.

Royal Life Mega-dose Vitamin C

Price: 5,000 Baht

Mega-dose vitamin C may help relieve flu symptoms, boost immune system

Royal Life Healthy Plus

Price: 5,000 Baht

Modified Myer’s cocktail with high dose vitamin C + NAC

Royal Life Vitamin Booster

Price: 5,000 Baht

IV vitamin B, C, Mg for mild nutritional deficiency – relieve fatigue and relax muscle

Royal Life Amino Acid

Price: 5,000 Baht

Aid recovery – build muscle after sport activity, amino acid & vitamin B12 supplement for vegetarian/vegan/long period of low protein intake from poor health condition

Royal Life Liver Detox

Price : 3,900 Baht

Aid liver detoxification. Also for alcoholism, hang over

NAD+ Therapy

Price : 7,900 Baht

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is a derivative of vitamin B3. And it is a natural compound which determine the lifespan of cells in the body. To repair various cells quickly throughout the body, especially the brain.

Chelation Therapy

Price : 4,590 Baht

Aid liver detoxification. Also for alcoholism, hang over

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