A breakthrough in multi-cancer early detection by SPOT-MAS | Price 28,350 Baht

SPOT-MAS is a multi-cancer early detection test through 1 blood collection, based on liquid biopsy technology to analyze DNA from tumor cells that is released into the blood (ctDNA), by using next-generation sequencing (to detect 4 different features of ctDNA) and machine learning algorithms to help support early screening for 5 most common cancers (Breast, Lung, Liver, Colorectal and Gastric). Convenient Conduct with one simple blood draw. Non-invasive protocol with 10 ml blood drawing. Result in 30 days high accuracy, specificity of 95.9% and sensitivity 73.9%.

The person who is recommended to check

  • People aged 40 years and over who are eligible for cancer screening as specified by the World Health Organization.
  • People under 40 years of age but who have risk factors for cancer such as
    • People who smoke more than 20 packs of cigarettes per year
    • People who regularly drink alcohol
    • People infected with chronic hepatitis
    • People who have a direct family history of cancer before
    • Those who have had a test positive inherited cancer genes, such as BRCA1/2

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