ROYAL FIT: MINI 3,900 Baht

ROYAL FIT: PRO 6,900 Baht

Top-up fit

  • Body Composition Analysis (1 time) 1,200 Baht
  • Royal Fit Pen (Saxenda Injection): 3 Pens 13,790 Baht
  • Royal Fit Pen (Saxenda Injection): 6 Pens 24,800 Baht
  • Royal Fit Pen (Saxenda Injection): 9 Pens 36,755 Baht
  • App Fast High Protein 990 Baht
  • Supplementary Food: Royal L-Carnitine 3,000 Baht

Our specialists in obesity medicine will work with you closely to build a sustainable weight management programme to help you achieve better health and greater confidence. After identifying the cause of your weight issues with a series of tests, the therapists will work together with sport physicians to design a personalized exercise routine for a more effective weight control, thereby reducing the risk of complications associated with obesity.

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