Cordyceps plus Vitamin C

Premium medical grade to boost your immune system against viral infections.

3,500 Baht

  • Boost white blood cells
    • Our strain of Cordyceps Sinesis will empower white blood cells of the Natural Killer type (NK Cells) against viral invasions.
  • Boost immune system
    • Polysaccharides substance in cordyceps helps your immune system get rid of arising contaminants in the body “real quick”.
  • Guard against viruses
    • Cordycepin substance in cordyceps will fight against viruses and bacteria.
  • Hold back free radicals
    • The antioxidant benevolence from cordyceps is 30 – 40 times higher than vitamin C.
  • Rich in vital vitamins and minerals
    • Cordyceps has benevolent and essential properties with a very strong boost to your immune system.

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From Bangkok Hospital Phuket