Circle Gene Testing

Circle Gene Testing for proper planning of your personal health care

MM302 Circle Premium 500+ Reports (20 Categories)

49,000 Baht

MM303 Circle Vital 125 Reports (14 Categories)

29,000 Baht

  • Control your weight wisely, achieve your weight loss targets, and experience a big change in your body
  • Discover your skin health by decoding your genetic skin information and select proper treatments according to your personal genetic details.
  • Less stress, better sleep and reveal your genes influence your stress levels and sleep response.
  • Know yourself clearly by discovering your unique genetic blueprint and learn how DNA influences your personal qualities and abilities. 

Understand your disease risk

  • Early detection saves the lives of 50% of people with cancer-causing genes and without a family history of cancer.
  • More than 90% of chronic diseases are preventable. Research shows 1 in 6 healthy adults is at genetic risk associated with potentially serious health problems.
  • Start protecting your family correctly. Over 80% of children with inherited traits are born to parents who do not know they have the mutated gene.
  • Avoid side effects from yearly medication use.

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