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BrightView Surgery (Refractive Lens Exchange: RLE) is a cutting-edge procedure exclusively designed for patients over 50. It offers a more comprehensive solution than LASIK by correcting your vision and reducing or even eliminating the need for glasses at all distances – far, middle, and near – providing you with long-lasting visual results that will transform your life.

The procedure involves replacing the degraded natural lens with state-of-the-art Trifocal lens implants, allowing for clear vision at all distances. Each eye can be treated in just 30 minutes with less than 24 hours of recovery time, and only 12 nights are needed in Phuket from consultation to last follow-up.

This procedure is being performed by Dr. Captain Wiriyaluppa MD, a renowned surgeon in Thailand with over 1,000 successful procedures. He is an award-winning surgeon who is highly regarded for his expertise and skill in the field.

Take the first step to a new world of visual freedom and schedule your consultation today.


  • Improve your vision without glasses at all distances
  • Long-lasting visual result
  • Transform your life without limitations from glasses
  • Quick, painless procedure with less than 24 hours of recovery.

Procedure cost for 1 eye 109,000 – 135,000 THB*

*Including 1 package of medication. Up to 1 month follow up*

***BrightView Surgery is recommended for individuals aged 50 and above who have a persistent need for glasses and have not undergone any form of laser vision correction such as Lasik/PRK previously.***

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