Sumate Pituck

Dr. Sumate Pituck



Sub Specialty

General Practitioner

Language Spoken

Thai / English

Professional Background & Qualifications

1989Medical Degree from Prince of Songklhla University Hadyai Songkhla Thailand
2004Family Medicine Certificated
2004ACLS Certificated
2008Occupational Medicine 2 Months Course Certificated

Education and Work Experience

1989-1991Attending Physician, Mayo Hospital, Pattani, Thailand
1991-1992Hospital Director, Physician Nayong Hospital, Trang, Thailand
1992-2002Attending Physician, Sithivej Hospital, Ranong, Thailand,
2002-PresentAttending Physician, Bangkok Hospital Phuket, Phuket, Thailand (Emergency & Referal Department, Health Promotion Department)

Supplementary Training:

  • Period, Courses of Seminar, Place

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