Wellness Screenings

Our comprehensive check-up packages offer a range of screenings and evaluations to proactively assess your health status, identify potential risks, and guide you towards a path of long-lasting vitality.

Embark on a transformative wellness journey with our check-up packages. The comprehensive screenings and evaluations prioritize early disease detection and prevention, laying the foundation for your well-being.

Consult our preventive medicine experts who will evaluate your medical history, risk factors, lifestyle, and health concerns. Together, we will tailor a screening program to meet your specific needs, including blood tests, hormone balance assessment, food intolerance checks, and genetic testing.

Following the consultation, our dedicated wellness team will guide you in understanding your health risks and co-create a tailored wellness program for disease prevention and longevity. This may include blood tests, indicators of micronutrient and antioxidant level, hormone imbalance, food intolerance, and more.

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