Bangkok Hospital Phuket – The Winner of Heart and Vascular Service Provider of The Year in The Asia-Pacific 2021

In Bangkok Hospital Phuket our patient’s health and well-being have always been the core of our services and innovations.

 At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, our patients both domestic and international have experienced many challenges in accessing continuous medical care, and to fully support these need, our Innovation Committee decided to develop the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) services by introducing the CareConnect Technology. With a strong collaboration and a goal to deliver excellent healthcare, Bangkok Hospital Phuket partnered with SCG to provide the equipment, and My Health First to develop the software for smooth access to our patients.

 In this new milestone, the whole smart system is 24/7 connected to our Continuum of Care Team as they fully monitor the patient. With our data integration system, results are being supervised in a real-time setting. Patients can also keep an eye on their current state as well as being monitored by our healthcare professionals.

 As we are all exposed to an army of risk factors, a lot of us ended up having NCD’s. CareConnect Technology enables patients with chronic illnesses such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, chronic renal failure, stroke, obesity, cancer and chronic lung disease to continue their medical care through this technology in a seamless and hassle-free health tracking real-time-monitoring with immediate healthcare response in case of emergency distress.

At the course of implementation, we found out that all current patients, 100% of them needs a recommendation to change their daily habits and 45% requires changes in treatment plan to improve more the treatment goal.

CareConnect Technology also prevent the chances of patient’s admission in critical care unit.

 As we all go through this pandemic, trust and loyalty continue to increase within our patients as we keep on pursuing our mission on providing them with excellent professional healthcare that they all deserve.

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