Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

At Radiology & Imaging Center of Bangkok Hospital Phuket, we offers a wide range of interventional radiology services and sub-speciality services; including digital mammography, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT) scan, MRI scan and CMR scan. Our center is staffed by dedicated and experienced radiographers and specialist consultant radiologists report all images and scans.

MRI ScanMRI ScanMRI Scan

MRI Technologies at Bangkok Hospital Phuket

  • Patient friendly appearance
  • Open magnet design
  • Four channel RF transmit
  • Two channel RF receive
  • Ergonomically designed patient handling system
  • High image quality
  • Easy siting
  • Fully Upgradeable to Proview


  • 0.23T resistive magnet uFor high quality imaging
  • Patient friendly C-Arm magnet design
    • 46 cm magnet gap
    • 44 cm patient gap
  • Fast ramp time (<6 minutes)
    • Lower utility costs


Bi-shielded multiplanar gradient coil

  • Passive and active shielding
    • Virtual elimination of eddy currents
  • Gradient strength: t 10 mT/meter
  • Gradient ramp rate: t18 mT/meter

RF (Radio Frequency) system

  • Four channel Transmit Coil
    • Provides a strong uniform RF field
  • 2.5 kW RF amplifier
  • Standard two channel phased array RF system
    • Provides higher signal-to-noise and better image quality

RF (Radio Frequency) coil

  • Phased array RF coils
    • Head array
    • Brain array
    • Neck array
      • Medium, large
    • Shoulder array
    • Body/spine array
      • Small, medium large, X-large
  • Phased Array RF coils
    • Extremity array
    • Small extremity array
  • Solenoid RF coils
    • Multiple purpose coils
      • X-small, small, medium, large, XX-large

System Appearance

  • Accent colors on magnet and patient couch
    • Patient friendly
    • High-tech look
  • Rounded magnet covers for more open design
  • Flat patient couch for a larger patient gap and larger open appearance

High Performance Imaging

  • High image quality
    • Powerful stable magnet
    • Strong, fast gradient system
    • RF coils and coil designs with improved S/N
    • Strong, uniform RF transmit field
    • Optimized sequences