Radio Frequency Coagulation Machine

Radio Frequency Coagulation Machine

Treatment for Hemorrhoid

A safe and Reliable hemorrhoid treatment with lasting results.

This procedure treats all the grades of hemorrhoids in a walk in walk out setting, requiring only local anesthetics, which benefits both the patient and the hospital.

This safe and reliable treatment is now available and utilizes established radio frequency technology. This procedure is generally concluded within a few minutes, with minimal discomfort for the patient enabling immediate return to normal daily activities.

4 step procedure

1. Insert the anoscope in rectum of the patient to see the hemorrhoid.
Radio frequency coagulation machine for hemorrhoid treatment 2. Apply local anesthesia in the muscle layer under the hemorrhoid. NOT in the hemorrhoidal tissue.
Radio frequency coagulation machine for hemorrhoid treatment 3. Insert the probe in the hemorrhoid and apply the Radio Frequency energy.
Radio frequency coagulation machine for hemorrhoid treatment 4. Apply the RF energy to the surface of the hemorrhoid.

Advantages for the patient

  • 15-minute walk in walk out procedure
  • Local anesthesia
  • Minimal post-operative pain and care
  • Can be used to treat all grades of hemorrhoids
  • Immediate return to daily activities

Necrotic tissue becomes exfoliated and a wound is formed at former hemorrhoid site. 4 weeks post treatments; this are will become a scar or become covered with mucus membrane.

For more information, please call the Bangkok-Phuket Colorectal Disease Institute at 1719 ext. 8609


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