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Oncology Center of Bangkok Hospital Phuket is responsible for examination and interpretation of Tissue and Body fluids (Surgical and Cytopathology specimens).

Oncology Center of Bangkok Hospital Phuket provides > ..(number of cases)..surgical specimens and >..(number of cases)…cytopathology specimens annually. The Anatomic Pathology services provided in Bangkok Hospital, Phuket include the following

  1. Routine histopathology examination: The service involves gross and microscopic examination of body tissue taken from biopsies and surgical excision. The tissue will be processed into tissue glass slides and interpreted by pathologist under microscopy.
  2. Cytopathology examination: This section performs body fluid and aspirate material preparation into smear slides for microscopic interpretation by cytopathologist.
  3. Slide review: The service is to confirm patient’s identification and pathology diagnosis of either surgical or cytologic specimens performed outside. Slide review is required before starting proper treatment when the patient was refered to Bangkok Hospital, Phuket for further consultation and management. All tissue slides, paraffin blocks, and other related clinical information should be submitted for pathology review to assure the precise information in the pathology report and to prevent misidentification.
  4. Consultation service : Consultations on difficult diagnostic cases in surgical pathology are standard practice. Expert opinions in all aspects of surgical pathology are readily available by sending to subspecialized pathologist in Bangkok Hospital Network. Consultative opinions and discussions will be conveyed by telephone and official report to the attending physician in a prompt manner. The indications for review by the expert/expert consultation are well established in laboratory standard. These indications are as follo
    • Pathologist’s flagged case
    • Surgeon’s flagged case
    • Upon the patient’s request
    • Internal disagreement/discrepancy in diagnosis among in-house pathologists
    • Quality assurance program
    • Other indications defined by local group experience
  5. Material transfer: The service is provided when the patient decides to continue further managment in other hospital. All surgical and cytologic material processed and diagnosed in Bangkok Hospital, Phuket, including pathology report should be well-prepared for prompted review in the new hospital before starting further management.
  6. Specialized study/Ancillary Techniques : The prepared surgical and cytologic specimen will be sent to the standard laboratory for specialized services to augment routine morphologic examination, including an expanding menu of immunohistochemical stains and biomolecular pathology analyses, such as HER2 gene amplification by FISH in breast cancer, BRAF, KRAS mutation and MSI testing in colorectal cancer.

Educational activities are central to the mission of the department. The department supports interdepartmental and interdisciplinary patient management conferences in determining appropriate clinical decisions.

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