Sure Price Package


Terms & conditions

  1. The package prices include laboratory tests, routine radiology/imaging tests as necessitated by the selected surgery only.
  2. They include operating rooms, recovery rooms, medical supplies, medications needed for the surgery, surgeon fees, anesthesiologist fees, all as necessitated by the specified type of surgery only.
  3. They include hospitalization in a standard room over the specified number of nights. In case of room upgrade or an extended length of stay, the patient will be responsible for any arising actual cost.
  4. They include home medications, pathology fees (pursuant to qualifying types of disease).
  5. Applicable to self-pay and/or Thai-insurance patients.


  1. Other expenses that may be incurred by the patient pre- and post-operatively.
  2. Expenses related to consultation with other specialists (if needed).
  3. Expenses related to arising complications or underlying disease in the patient, as well as those beyond the surgery-package coverage, e.g. certain medical supplies, lab tests, radiology/imaging tests with/without contrast media, as required during the surgery. Blood reservations, blood transfusion are also excluded. The patient shall be responsible for arising actual costs.
  4. In case the patient needs to stay in the ICU, which is not covered by the package prices, or the patient requests such stay on his/her own. Arising actual costs will apply.

Remarks :

1) The hospital reserves the right to change the prices without prior notice.
2) They take effect from 1 October – 31 December 2020.
3) Enrolment for these special package prices shall be solely at the discretion of an attending doctor.

For more information, please contact: Price Estimation Service

076 254 425 Ext. 8366
096 643 4589
[email protected]

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