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The Scandinavian Orthopaedic Laboratory (SOL) is a company providing orthotic and prosthetic services at Bangkok Hospital Phuket, Thailand. We dedicated to a full range of prosthetic and orthotic services to help patients overcome functional limitations.

With over 30 years of operation in several countries, it gained experience and renown, supplying orthotics and prosthetics to patients worldwide. Through our competence as Qualified Prosthetists / Orthotists and our product range, we are heavily involved when it comes to maintaining quality of life for people with a disability or injury.

We work with doctors, physiotherapist and occupational therapists amongst others. Preventive care is also included in our competence area especially when it comes to strain injuries and common foot related problems. Our job includes examination, advice and fitting of orthotics and prosthetics.

Some list of our Orthotic and Prosthetic services

Aesthetic Prostheses

Aesthetic ProsthesesOrthopaedic prosthetics are not only the ability to re-create functional partially or totally lost limbs. Although restoring maximum active abilities is the main purpose of prostheses, also striving for the best possible re-creation of the natural external appearance of the prosthesis is of great significance; this is particularly true with respect to arms and hands, and is also significant in lower limb prostheses. Application of modern materials, combined with the skills of the prosthetic technician, their medical knowledge and experience, presently produce very satisfactory results for the patients. Cosmetic prostheses requires absolute perfection and artistic talent. The starting point is always analysis of the patient’s anatomy, the texture and complexion of their skin, and even their personal cosmetic habits. The knowledge, skills, experience and patience of Scandinavian Orthopaedic Laboratory technicians and the high standard of the materials used contribute to the satisfaction of our patients.

Aesthetic ProsthesesOur cosmetic prostheses of individual fingers, partial and complete hand prostheses – i.e. those most visible in everyday life – are very difficult to distinguish from natural body parts. We use mainly silicone that emulates the natural structure of the patient’s skin, with an individually selected colour tint. We also concentrate on naturalistic rendering of details: fingernails, pores, wrinkles, and papillary lines. The prosthesis is very durable; with normal use (temperature, mechanical wear, and length of exposure are important factors) the patient can use the hand prosthesis for many years.

Cosmetic finish of lower limbs; at the Scandinavian Orthopaedic Laboratory we use a foam covering as standard (with a varied possible degree of hardness), in one or many parts (depending on the type of prosthesis and the joints used); the profile of the limb (calf or knee) is modelled in foam. Feet also have a cosmetic finish as standard, unless the patient does not desire it due to the type of application of the prosthesis (e.g. carbon fibre foot for sportspeople).

Examples of aesthetic prostheses (hand; fingers):

Before After
Fingers Prosthesis Fingers Prosthesis
Fingers Prosthesis Fingers Prosthesis
Hand Prosthesis Hand Prosthesis


Upper Limb Prostheses

Upper Limb ProsthesesThe Scandinavian Orthopaedic Laboratory manufactures upper limb prostheses adjusted to different types of amputations:

  • Through the shoulder joint
  • Arm prostheses with elbow joint
  • Through the elbow joint
  • Forearm prostheses
  • Palm and individual finger prostheses

The prostheses are made in the following technologies:

  • Myoelectrical
  • Hybrid
  • Mechanical (active)
  • Cosmetic (immobile)

Lower Limb Prostheses

The Scandinavian Orthopaedic Laboratory manufactures lower limb prostheses adjusted to various types of amputations:

Foot ProsthesisFoot ProsthesisAmputations in the foot area : (Chopart, Syme or Lisfranc) prostheses are made from carbon fibre or using the laminating technique.

Amputation of the shank : basic prostheses consist of a laminated funnel, pipe connector, SACH foot and KBM or PTB suspension. Additional components include funnels made from silicone, polyurethane and polymer gel. Funnels can be fastened with a bayonet connection, a silicone or cotton stocking, belt, pressure or resistance suspension; active feet are made of carbon fibre. It is also possible to install a shock absorber which increases user comfort: axis shock absorber bends by 2-4 millimetres during walking (maximum bend is 14 millimetres); a turn shock absorber enables 10-degree turn each way; the total turn is 20 degrees; attachment of the shock absorber is adapted to all types of attachment systems and has replaceable inserts for various degrees of shock absorption during walking. The acceptable weight of the patient for the prostheses is up to 100 kilograms.

Prostheses with amputations through the kneeProstheses with amputations through the kneeProstheses with amputations through the knee joint basically consist of a laminated funnel, a four-axis knee joint, a SACH foot and external cosmetic finish; additional or alternative components can be as follows: a laminated funnel with extra softness and flexibility for active people, a silicone, polymer-coated or polymer gel funnel; for active people – multi-axis carbon fibre feet.

Thigh ProsthesesThigh prostheses in their basic version consist of a laminated funnel, a knee joint (safe knee), SACH foot, support belt and external cosmetic finish. Options include: soft laminated funnel for active people, funnels made from silicone, polyurethane, polymer gel, laminated, thermoplastic and composite. Knee joints are also varied: from safe, simple, single-axis joints with a blockade during pressing on the heel, a rigid blockade option, constant movement resistance controlling joint movement, up to seven-axis, mechanical and hydraulic joints with a refined fluid walk construction. Another option is a Total-Shock absorber.

Prostheses in amputations through the hip joint consist in their basic version of a laminated hip basket, hip joint, knee joint, SACH foot, pipe connectors and external cosmetic finish; also here the active carbon fibre foot and multi-axis hydraulic and mechanical knee joints can be used as options.

Special prostheses : The Scandinavian Orthopaedic Laboratory also manufactures special prostheses for sportspeople (adjusted to various sports and disciplines) and light, functional and modern children’s prostheses.

Adult Orthotics

Scandinavian Orthopaedic Laboratory (SOL) manufactures the following orthoses:

Adult OrthoticsAdult OrthoticsAdult OrthoticsFoot orthoses (FO) with the purpose of improving foot arches, preventing progression of deformation and/or improving anatomic relations of the foot, reducing weight on pathologically changed parts and improving stability of the foot in footwear.

Ankle and foot orthoses (AFO) improving stability of the foot and ankle complex, relieving the ankle joint, improving muscle and nerve control of the ankle and foot, and the foot and knee; The orthoses are made from a thermoplastic material or carbon fibre, in versions with a mobile or immobile ankle joint.

Knee, ankle and foot orthoses (KAFO), relieving (in various degrees required) the knee and/or ankle joint and improving control and stability of the entire lower limb. These orthoses are also made from thermoplastic materials or carbon fibre, in versions with a mobile or immobile ankle and knee joint.

Knee joint orthoses (KO), with the function of stabilizing the knee joint. The materials are similar to those used in ankle and knee joint orthoses, in versions with a mobile or immobile knee joint.

Children’s Orthotics

The children’s orthotics include also the following:

Children's OrthoticsDynamic foot orthosis (DAFO), improving nerve and muscle control of the foot and ankle, and correcting and stabilizing the anatomic form of the foot while retaining mobility of the ankle joint. It is made from a thermoplastic material with individually adjusted thickness and elasticity.

Children's OrthoticsHip, knee, ankle and foot orthosis (HKAFO), which improves stability and control of the pelvis and improves mobility and control of the hip joints. It is made from thermoplastic materials or carbon fibre with an option of vertical adjustment and controlled joint mobility.


Surgical Shoes and Insoles

Surgical Shoes and InsolesAn important part of orthopaedic technology is to design and produce shoes for patients with chronic diseases i.e. diabetics, rheumatics and patients with wounds and load-related foot problems. Shoes are often handmade for these categories of patients since commercially available shoes is not an option.

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