Understand how to take paracetamol safely

Understand how to take paracetamol safely

Paracetamol is a household medicine for pain relief, fever, and other discouraged. When these pain occur, paracetamol is a drug of choice for everyone. Due to it is a safe medication that can be used in both youths and adults.

Although paracetamol is safe, however, improper use or over-taking of the medicine will negatively impact the liver function that may lead to acute hepatitis and provoking liver failure, which is lethal.


  • Do not take more than eight pills/day because it will induce an increased liver function.
  • Should take medicine at least 4 hours apart
  • Do not take medication with alcoholic beverages because it will increase the adverse effects on the liver.
  • Use medication only when indications are present. Do not take painkillers before signs occur. Otherwise, an overdose of painkillers may be given.

Medication dosage by body weight

Paracetamol, 325 mg

Suitable body weight

  • 22-33 kg 1 tablet
  • 34-44 kilograms 1 + 1/2 tablets
  • 45+ kilograms, 2 tablets

 Paracetamol 500 mg

Suitable body weight

  • 33-50 kg 1 tablet
  • 51-67 kg. 1 + 1/2 tablets
  • 67+ kg 2 tablets

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