Nail ingrowing is a common nail problem that mostly affects the great toe of young adults. The distal-lateral ingrowing is the most common type. Nail in growing causes inflammation of the periungual tissues, with torturing pain and swelling.  

Predisposing factors include improper nail trimming; wearing poorly fitting shoes; hyperhidrosis; repeated, minor trauma (eg, from sports practices); or congenital or acquired foot deformities.  

The choice of treatment largely depends on the severity of the presentation, the clinician’s expertise, and patient preference. Conservative treatment is reserved for mild to moderate ingrown toenails which includes several techniques, such as cotton nail cast (packing) and nail taping.  

Surgical treatment is indicated for severe ingrown toenails and that have failed conservative treatments. Partial nail avulsion combining partial matricectomy by CO2 laser or chemical 100% trichloroacetic acid could destroy the nail matrix cell that produces an ingrown nail plate. This technique gives a low recurrence rate, low risk of complications, and shorter treatment period. Postoperative pain was approximately 1 day on average. The healing time of the nail was estimated at 7-14 days. 

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