How much vitamins your body needs?

How much vitamins your body needs?

As age, the mechanisms in the body naturally become degeneration and lead to the degenerative changes in the body functions. These mechanisms can be slowed down by paying attention to the details in daily life, whether diet consumption, lifestyle, or nutrition.

What are vitamins? Vitamins are organic compounds that are needed in small quantities and can not be lacked to sustain proper cellular activities. Vitamin deficiency causes dysfunction of the body systems and diseases.

Where do we get vitamins from?  The body does not need large quantities of vitamins. However, these micronutrients are required every day. Commonly, populations who consume five food groups tend to have sufficient amounts of vitamins to fulfill their daily needs.

What is vitamin deficiency? Nowadays, many factors cause vitamin deficiency, including consumption of a diet that maintains less vitamin content due to processing techniques, alcohol consumption, and taking certain medications that deplete vitamins, stress, poor digestion, and malabsorption. These factors, especially stress, affect the metabolism of nutrients. Besides, aging decreases the digestion and absorption of vitamins. Also, genetic factors influence the requirements and excretion of vitamins and minerals. These described factors generate different amounts of vitamin and mineral needs of individuals.

Is it necessary to take vitamin supplements? The vitamin supplements are recommended if you maintain the vitamin deficiency and body dysfunction. Most of the symptoms developed are mild, such as fatigue, loss of appetite, irritability, insomnia, ease muscle pain, nocturnal leg cramps, hair loss, anemia, weak immune systems, etc. However, the majority of the population maintain the asymptomatic, yet do not fully comprehend what type of vitamins they are lacking.

Based on the principle of antiaging medicine, do not wait for the exhibition of vitamin deficiency symptoms to take supplements as the body should retain sufficient vitamin levels to sustain the cellular activities at their optimal level. Eating as wished, following friend’s behaviors or popular trends without appropriate nutrition, may impair the effectiveness of overall function and may provoke negative consequences on health.

Does eating too many vitamins influence the adverse effects? Many people, themselves, take vitamin supplements without awareness of the proper types and quantities of vitamins that they should take. Taking multiple supplements may cause excessive levels of vitamin and minerals such as taking iron supplements in excess may lead to coronary heart disease, meanwhile taking vitamin A supplement in excess may lead to liver toxicity and taking certain mineral supplements may interact with other minerals absorption (one is deficiency while the other is overload). Likewise, taking high doses of certain herbal extracts for a prolonged period may induce liver and kidney difficulties.

Blood tests for vitamin and mineral levels aid in comprehending what vitamin that participants are deficient in and help determine what or how much supplement they should take.

Personalized supplement borrows data from in-depth health checks, various hormone levels, blood tests for vitamin and mineral levels to cover the individual vitamin requirement and which vitamin they should have more. Also, this method aids medical professionals and pharmacists in organizing personalized supplements to address individual problems and developing optimal performance pharmaceutical grade vitamin supplements, respectively.

“There are no best vitamin supplement brands available. Still, a personalized vitamin supplement is the best.”

This is part of “anti-aging medicine,” which centered on “health” examination and promotion for preventing illness, boosting body function, and producing beauty from the inside out because “youthful appearance and healthy are the root of a pleasant personality and happier life.”

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