Dental Implants (Tooth Implants)

Dental implant can give you back your smile and your confidence!

At Bangkok Hospital Phuket Dental Center, we are a state-of-the-art dental office specializing in implant, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. We offer a full range of services including: crowns, bridges, veneers, complete and partial dentures and dental implants.

Dental Veneer Procedure

Dental Implant / Tooth ImplantDental implant or tooth implant is a titanium base “screw in tooth”, used to replace one or more missing teeth. This is the “high tech” solution and the most natural replacement to replace the lost tooth/teeth without harming the remaining teeth and soft tissue. Patients can receive several benefits from doing the dental implant. Ideal results include restoration of normal appearance of the missing tooth/teeth. Patients can achieve considerable confidence during eating and talking. Also patients can enjoy the long term safety of replacing their lost teeth with dental implant.

Preoperative evaluation

Dental implant is not suitable for everyone. Patients are evaluated at a consultation appointment with respect to their jaw size, bone volume, quality and quantity of bone, also the condition of the opposing dentition. The anatomy of the front of the lower jaw is studied by using x-rays taken at varying angles. This evaluation is to ensure suitability for the tooth implant as the components for the treatment are all precision made prefabricated components. Therefore the size and shape of the jaw must comply with established criteria.

Treatment procedures

The first step is the placement of titanium implants to replace the lost teeth. These implants will remain covered underneath the gum for approximately 3-6 months for lower teeth and 6 months for upper teeth. During this time, the implants should fuse to the bone.

The second step of the procedure involves uncovering the implants and attaching a post to each implant. This completes the foundation on which the new teeth will be placed. In some instances, the surgeon may decide to place the posts at the time of surgery.

The final step is the placement of new teeth by the dentist. With techniques that ensure optimal size, shape, colour and fit, the replacement teeth should blend with the patient’s facial characteristics while providing support needed for natural appearance.

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