Preventive measures in the wake of COVID-19 for the safety of all in hospital

  1. Minimize exposure to infections with the use of protective gear
    • Medical professionals and related staff are to wear the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  2. Frequent cleaning of public areas and surfaces where physical touch is common, in a bid to prevent infections from physical touch and droplets in the air. High-quality solution is used for effective viral disinfection up to international standards.
    • To cleaning physicians’ consultation rooms
    • To clean lift buttons and all over the lifts every hour
    • To clean door knobs, railings and escalator handrails
    • To clean queue number machines and ATMs
  3. Reorganized entrances and exits, along with newly designated areas in hospital
    Patients and visitors in general

    • Single-channel policy to control infections
    • Compulsory thermoscan for all incoming and outgoing visitors
    • Alcohol sanitizers are available hospital-wide.
  4. Isolated service routes for patients with respiratory conditions
    • The separate entrance and exit, far away from other patients
    • Designated pick-up point for patient transfer to the Fever and Acute Respiratory Tract Infection Clinic.
  5. Enhanced safety protocol for inpatients
  6. Medical readiness in anticipation of high-risk patients
    • The Fever and Acute Respiratory Tract Infection Clinic has been set up to provide one-stop medical services, from diagnosis and X-ray, to laboratory and medicine prescription.
    • At the Fever and Acute Respiratory Tract Infection Clinic, all doctors and nurses get prepared in case of patients at risk of COVID-19 infections.
    • High-risk patients are taken to an isolation room –negative pressure room to control infections.
    • Air purifiers are in place in all the rooms in use.


  7. Policy in place as to exposure or arising symptoms in medical professionals and hospital staff
    • Staff are advised against traveling to high-risk zones. Those with travel history there shall be subject to 14-day quarantine, Covid-19 swab tests and follow-up.
    • Staff are well informed of the current heightened levels of self-prevention.
  8. Prompt training and situation update
  9. Reporting system is in place at hospital with a commitment to report to public health authorities.

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