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Holiday Dialysis Center

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Phuket Holiday Dialysis Center offers, with 10 dialysis machines (Fresenius 4008s next generation and Fresenius 5008s), the very best services for our end-stage kidney failure patients. We understand their passionate feeling to deal with the illness


  • Acute Kidney Injury for Kidney Dialysis
  • Acute Liver Failure for Liver Dialysis
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Elimination of Drugs and Toxins
  • Elimination of Excessive Water
  • End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)
  • Hematological Diseases

Other Services:

  • Arteriovenous Fistula (AV Fistula)
  • Arteriovenous Graft (AV Graft)
  • Conventional Hemodialysis (Fresenius)
  • Diagnosis of Blood Vessel Narrowing
  • Double Lumen Catheter Insertion
  • Medical Tourism for Dialysis Treatment
  • Online Hemodiafiltration (Online HDF)

Cost and Conditions:

  • Conventional Rate: 7,000 THB / session (4 hours) exclude medications. The extra cost for extending time for dialysis treatment is 800 THB / hour.
  • Online HDF Rate: 8,000 THB / session (4 hours) exclude medications. The extra cost for extending time for dialysis treatment is 800 THB / hour
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice
  • Price will NOT INCLUDES any additional eye tests as may be required to evaluate and diagnose other medical eye conditions found to be co-existing.

Dialysis Treatment

Phuket Holiday Dialysis Center is located on the 2nd floor, Bangkok Hospital Phuket. Phuket Holiday Dialysis Center is a full service nephrology practice providing comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for dialysis. Your comfort is a priority in our center, where you are greeted with a warm, welcoming smile. Thanks to our professional experience and know-how, we provide you with best services. Our facilities include:

Online hemodiafiltration (Online HDF)
While conventional hemodialysis uses diffusion to remove toxins;online-hemodiafiltration usesthe convection – a more efficient process to remove a wider spectrum of toxins. Using ONLINE Hemodiafiltration (ONLINE HDF) to treat patients with chronic kidney failure can lead to a significantly lower risk of mortality compared to treatment with standard hemodialysis. Online HDF’s benefits include:

  • Better anemia correction
  • Enhanced solute removal capacity of uremic toxins
  • Improvement in the biocompatibility from combining high-flux synthetic biocompatible membranes, ultrapure dialysis fluid purity, and passivation of the membrane by the protein coating layer
  • Reducing the risk of cardiovascular complications
  • Superiority in hemodynamic stability

Therefore, the treatment modality is currently the best and most efficient kidney therapy. Phuket HolidayDialysis center is fully-equipped with Fresenius 5008 Therapy System – the highest treatment quality Online HDF. It is a highly integrated system, built for sustainable dialysis presently.

Conventional Hemodialysis
Equipped with modern hemodialysis machine Fresenius 4008 S next generation in online clearance monitoring system making you reach the target of hemodialysis adequacy (Kt/V) at all time.

Liver Dialysis
We treat for Liver Dialysis treatmentfor bothPlasma Absorption and MARS.

Therapeutic Apheresis
Therapeutic apheresis includesDouble Filtration Plasmapheresis (DFPP), Plasmapheresis, Immunoadsorption,and Leukocytapheresis.

Critical Care Nephrology
The center supports the treatment for ICU and CCU including acute intermittent hemodialysis, sustained low efficiency dialysis, continuous renal replacement therapy (CVVHD, CVVH, and CVVHDF), Liver Dialysisand Therapeutic Apheresis.

Water Treatment System
The reverse osmosis water treatment is calibrated on ultrapure water and complied with the standard of Association of Advancement of Medical Instrumentation(AAMI). Furthermore, there is portable reverse-osmosis-water treatment system for acute dialysis patients in ICU and CCU.

Our center provides standardized and varied dialysate based on each personalized patient.

Dialysis stations are equipped with:

  • ECG monitoring, Vital Sign Unit and Oxygen saturation
  • Electronic Adjustable Beds
  • Private Dialysis Room with Comfortable and Relaxing Environment
  • Private TV and DVD player

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Phuket Holiday Dialysis CenterPhuket Holiday Dialysis CenterPhuket Holiday Dialysis Center

Mr. Koichi Sumi, Tokyo, Japan


Mr. Cortin Pascal, France.

Dyalysis, Hemodialysis

Mr. Yoshihiro Iwanaga, Japanese


Ms. Ursula Gassman


Mr. Robert

Dialysis treatment

Ms. Betty

Conventional Hemodialysis

Mr. Maxim

Conventional Dialysis

Service Hours

Phuket Holiday Dialysis Center, 2nd floor, is open on Sunday- Friday from 07.30 – 11.30 hrs. / 12.00 – 16.00 hrs. / 16.30 – 20.30 hrs.

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Phone: +66 7625 4425 ext. 1260, +66 7636 1000 ext. 1260

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