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Mental Health Center

Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Mental Health Center is the department of medical science that focuses on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the human mind or mental health problems using appropriate treatment such as, pharmaceutical therapy, mental therapy and counseling therapy and OPD treatment depending on individual diagnosis and symptoms.

Mental Health Center provides services and consultations for mental health and psychiatric issues by specialists and specialized clinics which include;

  • Insomnia and sleeping disorders
  • Depression
  • Anxiety or Panic disorder
  • Stress and anxiety problem
  • Depression and bipolar disorders
  • Though disorders
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • Physical disease which may result from mental health issues
  • Headache without any obvious causes
  • Adjustment and personality problem
  • Drug addiction Substance use disorder, Alcohol and Tobacco use disorder.
  • Counseling therapy for memory problem
  • Family or relationship problem
  • Behavior problem, sexual problem
  • Erectile dysfunction not caused by physical disorders

Treatment Services Child and Adolescent

  • Concentration and memory problems, impaired intelligence state
  • Children’s aptitude and learning pattern
  • Mental health disorders
  • Children’s development and behavior/ autism
  • Learning Problem
  • Parental Education Programs in many areas including child development, parenting skills, behavioral modification
  • Educational Assessment and Individualized Education Program; (IEP)
Mental Health

Mental Health Care

Mental Health Care

Treatment Services Specialized clinic provides a counseling and assessment for the following;

  • Intelligence, thinking process, memory and learning pattern
  • Personality test
  • Psychological, mental health and basic personality test
  • Personality and development pattern for increasing potential in work place

Mental Health Center is located at the 8th floor, Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

Our Mental Health Center is a full-service mental health / behavioral health practice. Your comfort is a priority in our center, where you are greeted with a warm, welcoming smile. Thanks to our professional experience and know-how, we provide you with best services. Our facilities include:

  • Personalized Examination Room
  • Comfortable chairs and appropriately spacedwaiting area

Service Hours

Mental Health Center, 2nd floor, is open daily from 8.00 am. – 5.00 pm.

Contact Us

Phone: +66 7625 4425 ext. 1023, +66 7636 1000 ext. 1023

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