Advice and medical guidelines during 15-day ALQ

Advice and medical guidelines during 15-day ALQ

  • The medical team will visit the guest within 24 hours upon arrival. They will evaluate his/her symptoms and general health condition. Current health concerns can be made known to the team on the visit date.
  • Medical consultation is available via tele-medicine provided by a specialist doctor with service fees incurred.
  • Nursing staff will monitor his/her body temperature twice a day, i.e. 10.00 am and 18.00 pm, throughout the stay. He/she will check it by themselves, using an in-room thermometer. Then, results together with any symptoms will be sent to nursing staff via photo or video call over electronic means (line).
  • Should fever or any symptoms related to the respiratory system arise during quarantine, in the wake of COVID-19 the guest needs to be transferred for further diagnosis and treatment at hospital until complete healing.
  • A nasopharyngeal swab test for COVID-19 (PCR) will be performed 2 times, i.e. Day 3 – 5 and Day 11 – 13 of the quarantine. The guest will be notified 1 day ahead of the test.
  • Should the COVID-19 test results are positive, treatment will be required with hospital quarantine for at least 14 days, starting from the date of viral detection.
  • In case of shared accommodations with more than 1 guest per room, and one of them is found to have positive COVID-19 results, the other guests will be subject to quarantine and additional swab tests for another 14 days following the date of viral detection. Additional charges will apply.
  • Nursing staff will perform mental health evaluation on Day 1 and 7 of the stay. Stress levels during quarantine will be recorded. The evaluation form is available on paper or QR code.

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Itinerary Plan

Itinerary PlanDay 0Day 1Day 3Day 4-5Day 6Day 7Day 11Day 15
1. Screening / Doctor Visit/
2. COVID-19 Screening (Nose and Throat swab test)//
3. Health Assessment/
4. Eye Disease Questionnaire/
5. Mental Health Screening//
6. Check-up / Vitamin (Extra service)/Oral/IV
7. Issue a Medical Certificate/

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