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Breast Lift & Breast Implant Patients

Welcome to the Breast Lift & Breast Implant Patients Video Testimonials Page!

Watch our patient testimonial videos, all patients who have had a breast lift and breast implant surgery at Bangkok-Phuket Institute of Cosmetic Surgery. All of these procedures are performed by our cosmetic surgeons who has experienced in surgery for plastic surgery and aesthetic surgery.

Breast Lift & Breast Implant Surgery

Testimonial of plastic surgery patient from Australia, Ms. Natalie Carter
Ms. Natalie Carter flew from Australia for breast lift with implant at Bangkok Hospital Phuket. She is very impressed by the professional services of our specialist and team. She found Bangkok Hospital Phuket by search engine.
Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Pongsakorn Eamtanaporn Cosmetic surgery performed by Dr. Pongsakorn Eamtanaporn (This doctor had submitted his resignation)
Published date:
Dec 9, 2009
Video length:
Click here to watch this video our YouTube channel
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