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Cancer Patient Testimonials

Welcome to the Brain Tumour Surgery Patient Testimonial

Watch our patient testimonial videos, all patients who have had surgery for cancer at the Oncology Center. All of these procedures are performed by our surgical oncologists who has experienced in surgery for cancers.

Brain Tumour Surgery Patient

Unexpected Brain Tumour Surgery at Bangkok Hospital Phuket while Holidaying
Ms. Ruchi Gupta and her family is on an Asian Cruise while she suddenly felt ill and was diagnosed that she had a Brain Tumour and must need a surgery as soon as possible. The surgery carried on as soon as brain tumour was diagnosed. All the facilities were very good and the staff are really good. We didn't have any problem with the language, everyone speaks English. Everything was fine 10/10.
Doctor's Bangkok Hospital Phuket, Thailand

The surgery was performed by Dr. Surasak Amyai

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Published date:
August 23, 2012
Video length:
Click here to watch this video our YouTube channel
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