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Mental Health Tests

"Good mental health helps you enjoy life and cope with problems"


Mental Health Tests Form

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1. You feel happy with your life.
2. You feel that you life is comfortable.
3. You are disgusted with everyday life.
4. You feel disappointed in yourself.
5. You feel that your life is suffering.
6. You are confident that you can solve difficult problems.
7. You are confident that you can control your emotion when any critical or serious incidents occur.
8. You are confident that you can face with serious situation which may occur in your life.
9. You feel compassion for others who are suffering.
10. You are happy to help others when they have problems.
11. You help others when you have chance.
12. You have self – esteem.
13. You feel secure when you live with your family.
14. If you get serious illness, you believe that your family will take a very good care of you.
15. There is love and commitment between your family members.
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