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Patient Rooms: President Suite

Welcome to President Suite Photo Gallery of Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Our President Suite is elegantly designed, like a 5-star hotel room along with facilities and services, a well furnished patient room, visitor’s room and lounge. A private sitting room that opens onto a private garden patio. Sofa and bed for attendant, TV (cable connection), Refrigerator, include equipped with controls for the nurse-call button, intercom speaker. Dietitians and nutritionists plan food and nutrition programs.

We combine these high standards with excellent facilities for an unforgettable stay in a hospital. If there is anything about your stay that is not your expectations, please do not hesitate to let us know your needs.


President Suites: Type A

President Suite: Type A

President SuitePresident SuitePresident Suite

President SuitePresident SuitePresident Suite


President Suites: Type B

President Suite: Type B

President SuitePresident SuitePresident Suite

List of Facilities & Services:

  1. Private VIP Room
  2. Electric bed with position control buttons
  3. In room personal safe
  4. Total nursing care system
  5. Private garden - A sitting room that opens onto a private garden patio
  6. Connecting rooms
  7. Air conditioning
  8. Intercom*
  9. Telephone*
  10. 32-inch LCD TV, with cable channels and scheduled movies
  11. Bathroom with hot water heater
  12. Internet, books, newspaper and magazines services
  13. Microwave oven, dishware, utensils and glassware
  14. Refrigerator with complimentary bottled water replenished daily
  15. Electric kettle
  16. Tea, Coffee and Milo
  17. Nutritional care by nutritionist
  18. Complimentary admission set (Gift set)
  19. Complimentary Thai massage (free of charge 1st program)


Facilities for International Patients (Special services)
  • English speaking nurse
  • International Coordinators and Translation

Communication options include:

  • Telephone* - On this phone you are able to make: Calls within the hospital, Local calls (for a fee) and Long distance calls (for a fee).
  • Intercom and Nurse Call* - You can talk to your nurses directly by speaking into the pillow speaker at your bedside.
  • Cell Phones or Mobile Phones - Cell phones can be used in inpatient rooms, waiting rooms and in public spaces. Cell phones are not allowed in some patient care areas where diagnostic procedures or treatment takes place.

Safety features in patient room include:

  • Strong anti-infection measures, including superior air filtration, antimicrobial coating on all ductwork.
  • Hand washing stations at the door of every patient room.
  • Fire evacuation map and fire protection equipment.
  • Close proximity of patient beds to bathroom, with sliding door for wider access, to prevent fall accidents.
  • Wide bathroom doors are wider than normal for wheelchairs, walkers and nurse assistance.
  • Shower seats in bathroom.

Smoking and Alcohol:

  • Restrictions on smoking and alcoholic beverages throughout the hospital are based on health, courtesy, legal and safety considerations.
  • Patients and visitors are not permitted to bring alcohol to hospital.
  • As smoking is detrimental to good health and also a fire hazard, patients and visitors are not permitted to smoke within the hospital.
  • Smoking is allowed in designated outside areas, please check with the nursing staff.

For more information about our patient accommodation, please click here to contact us

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