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Patient Room Photos of Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Welcome to Bangkok Hospital Phuket Photo Tour, We are one of the Best Healthcare Facilities in Thailand

Bangkok Hospital Phuket constantly strives to provide the very best care to our patients in a healing environment that ensures the highest quality of care, offers comfort in uncertain times and inspires clinical innovation.

Here you can view pictures of the patient rooms at Bangkok Hospital Phuket. All of our patient rooms are private and designed for comfort and comprehensive care. If there is anything about your stay that is not meeting your expectations, please inform one of our staff members and ask to speak to the nursing supervisor. Your health and wellbeing are important to us. Our healthcare professionals will work hard to provide you with high-quality healthcare and to make your stay here as pleasant and as comfortable as possible. If for any reason, there is an issue you would like to discuss regarding your healthcare while a patient at Bangkok Hospital Phuket, please talk with the nurse of unit or manager about any concerns you have.

For more information about our patient accommodation, please click here to contact us

Ward 3A

President Suite: Type A
Patient Rooms

President Suite: Type B
Patient Rooms


Ward 3B

Standard Rooms
Patient Rooms

VIP Rooms
Patient Rooms


Ward 4 (Children's Ward)

Children's Ward
Patient Rooms

Children's Ward
Patient Rooms

Ward 5

Standard Room
Patient Rooms
VIP Rooms
Patient Rooms

Ward 6A, 7A, 6B, 7B

Standard Rooms
Patient Rooms
VIP Rooms
Patient Rooms

Ward 8A

Standard Rooms
Patient Rooms
VIP Rooms
Patient Rooms

ICU & CCU Ward

ICU Rooms
Patient Rooms

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