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Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA)

Bangkok Hospital Phuket have been accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI)

Bangkok Hospital Phuket is the first hospital in Phuket has been certified with the JCI Accreditation, the accreditation the gold-standard in hospital certifications worldwide from the Joint Commission International (JCI) - America.

In response to the ever increasing number of patients seeking medical care outside of their home countries, it has become essential for hospitals to undergo rigorous screening to ensure they meet international standard for health care services.

Accreditation is a process to provide a visible commitment by an organization to improve the safety and quality of patient care, ensure a safe care environment, and continually work to reduce risks to patients and staff. It has gained worldwide attention as an effective quality evaluation and management tool.There are several famous organizations in many countries to accredit and certify the hospital quality worldwide such as Joint Commission International of USA, Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation of Canada, Health Services Accreditation of England, Australian Council on Healthcare standard of Australia and Hospital Accreditation of Thailand.

Bangkok Hospital Phuket is delighted to announce our recent achievement in attaining Joint Commission International accreditation.

For more than 15 years, Bangkok Hospital Phuket has long served patients in our community and patients coming from abroad.

JCI CertificateFor us to maintain excellent medical services and to provide visible commitment to improve the safety and quality of patient care, the organization sought hospital accreditations from agencies from within Thailand and the USA.

As a result of our efforts, we proudly announce that Bangkok Hospital-Phuket was granted accreditation on May 23, 2009 from the Joint Commission International (JCI), USA. We are the first hospital in Asia to achieve accreditation for the third edition of International Standards for Hospitals. Being accredited with JCI is recognition of our ongoing commitment to provide high standards of patient care.

Patients can receive greater assurance that they are receiving quality and safe care in our hospital that meets globally accepted standards. Achieving this JCI accreditation is not only an internal milestone for us, but also recognition that Thailand is a center of medical excellence.

It officially recognizes that the practices of our doctors, nurses, medical assistants and the management team at Bangkok Hospital Phuket meet or exceed the standards of medical facilities in the US. It is with great pride of Phuket residents and Thai People that we announce JCI accreditation. Ever committed to improving the lives of each patient that passes through our doors, we invite you to experience the top-tier services Bangkok Hospital Phuket has to offer.


About Joint Commission International (JCI)

Joint Commission International The Joint Commission International is a US-based non-profit organization focused on improving the safety of patient care and organization management through the provision of accreditation and certification. JCI is a U.S based accreditation body dedicated to improving healthcare quality and safety around the world.

JCI works directly with healthcare organizations to achieve their goals of providing quality clinical care and services in safe, efficient and well-managed facilities.

Certification Programs

  • Ambulatory Care
  • Care Continuum
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Hospital
  • Medical Transport
  • Primary Care
  • Clinical Care Program Certification

Accreditation for Hospital

The JCI Accreditation Standards for Hospital are designed to evaluate quality and patient safety in all clinical and managerial functions of acute care hospital.

The standards are applicable for:

  • Access to health care
  • Health Assessment and care processes
  • Education and rights of individuals
  • Management of information and human resources
  • Safety of facility
  • Infection control
  • Collaborative integrated management
  • Facility management
  • Performance measurement
  • Education & Rights of patients


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