• Welcome to our healthcare knowledge. Here you can find healthcare reliable information from the hospital to help educate yourself
  • Welcome to our healthcare knowledge. Here you can find healthcare reliable information from the hospital to help educate yourself
  • Welcome to our healthcare knowledge.Here you can find healthcare reliable information from the hospital to help educate yourself
  • Welcome to our healthcare knowledge. Here you can find healthcare reliable information from the hospital to help educate yourself
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Infertility & Fertility

Infertility is a major issue in married life, but full understanding can open the doors to hope.

At the Phuket Fertility Center, we have the country’s top obstetricians and gynecologists, who are specialized in fertility and infertility science (IVF). Cutting-edge Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) are in place to help hopeful couples overcome any physical or hormonal limitations. Our specialists will assist and provide guidance tailored to each couple’s needs, starting from family planning, cause analysis through to pre-conception check-up and infertility treatment.

Below are some informations about Infertility and Fertility:

Phuket Fertility CenterPhuket Fertility CenterPhuket Fertility Center


What is infertility?

Health Knowledge

Infertility means conditions or diseases related to couples’ reproductive system that hinder to conceive a baby, usually over 1 year after regular sexual activity.


Normal fertility in married life

Health Knowledge

In general, to conceive a child depends on several factors, i.e. the husband must be able to produce healthy sperm, while the wife must have normal ovulation; eggs will then be released into unobstructed fallopian tubes and will be in contact with coming sperm; sperm will penetrate into an egg, resulting in fertilization; and then the fertilized egg must be healthy enough to get through and burrow into the uterine lining. The embryo will stay and thrive there until delivery.

hroughout the period, a hormonal balance must be maintained whereas the uterus, cervix and vagina must also be in healthy conditions. The absence of either factor can lead to conception failure. Among fertile couples, unprotected regular sexual activity leads to around 50% chances of fertilization in females within 6 months, and to around 80% chances of fertilization in females during 1 year.


Let’s look into the causes of infertility

Health Knowledge

Among couples with fertility problems, female factors account for 30%, while male factors account for 30%. Factors from both males and females account for the same percentage, while unidentified factors account for 10%. Common male infertility is caused by weak sperm or sperm disorders, resulting in fertilization failure. Uncommon male infertility includes genetic disorder, chromosomal abnormality.

On the other hand, common female infertility is caused by dysfunctional ovulation, blocked fallopian tubes, intrauterine adhesion as a result of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) or endometriosis. Such arising adhesion is usually associated with dull pain or tenderness in the stomach, ovarian cysts. In some cases, there can be abnormal uterine growths or a uterine myoma, which usually leads to miscarriage.


At what stage should a couple consult an infertility expert?

Health Knowledge

In general, after at least one year of unrestrained married life in the hope of conceiving a baby without success, it is highly recommended to consult an infertility specialist doctor to look into probable causes. But it is recommended earlier in case of females aged over 30 or those with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), painful menstrual periods, irregular menstruation, over 2 consecutive miscarriages, as well as in case of males having an abnormal sperm test.



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