• Welcome to our healthcare knowledge. Here you can find healthcare reliable information from the hospital to help educate yourself
  • Welcome to our healthcare knowledge. Here you can find healthcare reliable information from the hospital to help educate yourself
  • Welcome to our healthcare knowledge.Here you can find healthcare reliable information from the hospital to help educate yourself
  • Welcome to our healthcare knowledge. Here you can find healthcare reliable information from the hospital to help educate yourself
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Endoscopic Breast Augmentation

Here you can find information to help you better understand your options if you are considering endoscopic breast augmentation surgery!

Below is the basic knowledge of endoscopic breast augmentation, you can click on the topic to read more.

Endoscopic Breast Augmentation


What is Endoscopic Plastic Surgery?

Health Knowledge

Endoscopic surgery, or endoscopy, is one of the newest plastic surgery techniques. It is an instrument made up of essentially two parts. A tiny camera with a bright light on the end of a long tube and a television monitor, which displays a magnified image of what the camera sees. The surgeon performs the surgery while manipulating the endoscope and watching the monitor. It allows surgeons to operate with fewer conspicuous incisions, reducing obvious scars. It has been used in orthopedic surgery, urology and gynecology for decades. Improvements in technology have enabled plastic surgeons to use endoscopy for many cosmetic procedures, including forehead lift, facelift, breast augmentation and tummy tuck. Endoscopy can also be used in some reconstructive procedures. In many cases, the use of endoscopy results in shorter recovery times.

Endoscopic Technique in Aesthetic Breast Surgery

Health Knowledge

Endoscopic breast augmentation is a relatively new tachnique that is currentiy only provided by as few plastic surgeons. The Endoscopic breast augmentation resylts in much fewer visible scars, and the recovery time in many patients is less than that in a regular proccduce. During an endoscopic procedure, a very small incision is made in the armpit. then, the endoscope and surgical devices are inserted and fed to the site. Video of what is happening is displayed on a screen so that the plastic surgeon can complete the procedure. Since the surgeon is ableto see the area on which they are performing the surgery, they are better able to place the implant, and create a pocket that will minimize capsular contracture and create a more aesthetic breast.

How is the Procedure Performed?

Health Knowledge

The endoscope, a tubular probe fitted with a tiny camera and bright light, is inserted through a small incision. This lets the surgeon view the body's internal structures on a viewing screen while moving the tube of the endoscope through the surgical area. Additional surgical instruments such as scalpels, scissors, or forceps are inserted through different incisions and are used to perform the operation.

Who is a Good Candidate for Endoscopic Plastic Surgery?

Health Knowledge

Patients must be in good health, have no active diseases or serious, pre-existing medical conditions, and must have realistic expectations of the outcome of the surgery. A surgeon will consult with you to determine if endoscopy is the best surgical choice for you, based on your physical condition, the kind of procedure you are having done, and the desired results.

Effects of Smoking on Breast Augmentation Results?

Health Knowledge

You may not be a candidate for surgery if you smoke, have recently quit smoking, or if you are exposed to second-hand smoke. Primary and secondary smoking decreases blood flow to the body's tissues. This can result in prolonged wound healing, skin loss, infection, increased scarring, and a number of other complications depending on the kind of procedure performed.

All procedures in plastic surgery are performed to improve form and in some cases, function. Our goal as plastic surgeons is to achieve improvement with minimal scarring. Unfortunately, smoking and secondary smoke affect wound healing in a potentially devastating way.



  • This information should not be used as a substitute to consultation from a physician. Always talk with your doctor about diagnosis and treatment information.
  • For more information about our medical services, please contact us at info@phukethospital.com
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