Scandinavian Orthopedic Laboratory (SOL) - Our aim is to provide personalized, high quality orthotic and prosthetic services to our patients.    
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Orthotics & Prosthetics Center by Scandinavian Orthopedic Laboratory (SOL)

Welcome to the Orthotics & Prosthetics Center by Scandinavian Orthopedic Laboratory (SOL) at Bangkok Hospital Phuket, Thailand

Swedish hospitals Sk?nes University Hospital in LundThe Scandinavian Orthopaedic Laboratory (SOL) is a company providing orthotic and prosthetic services at Bangkok Hospital Phuket, Thailand. With over 30 years of operation in several countries, it gained experience and renown, supplying orthotics and prosthetics to patients worldwide. The company was founded by Managing Director and Certified Prosthetist/Orthotist Bengt Soderberg, who is Internationally engaged through ISPO and other organizations.

Philosophy and Mission of the Scandinavian Orthopaedic Laboratory

Philosophy and mission of the Scandinavian Orthopaedic LaboratoryIn order to achieve results in restoring the best possible degree of mobility to the patient, harmonious coexistence of two components is essential:

Firstly, the ability to cooperate with the patients, so that they realize the advisability of the proposed solutions. Technology alone is not sufficient; an equal role is played by such aspects as experience of the orthopaedic company, understanding of the patient's essential needs, and finally, individual approach to each case.

Secondly, knowledge of all current achievements of orthopaedic technology, materials and components, and constantly updated knowledge of their optimum application. Permanent contacts and cooperation of the Scandinavian Orthopaedic Laboratory (SOL) with leading world manufacturers permit us to propose the best solutions to the patients in a competent manner.

The Scandinavian Orthopaedic Laboratory (SOL) makes efforts in order that its employees constantly update their skills. Our prosthetics specialists and technicians know how great a role is played by long and enduring cooperation with the patient and consistent striving towards the best individual solution. These last three words are very important, as even the most refined technical solution is not necessarily the best for the particular patient.

Our Services

products and services prosthetics Thailand

The Scandinavian Orthopaedic Laboratory (SOL) at Bangkok Hospital Phuket

The Scandinavian Orthopaedic Laboratory (SOL) at Bangkok Hospital Phuket

The Scandinavian Orthopaedic Laboratory (SOL) at Bangkok Hospital Phuket


Orthotic & Prosthetic Specialists (SOL Team)

specialised orthotic services Thailand
Orthotic & Prosthetic Specialist
Mr. Bengt
Orthotic & Prosthetic Specialist
Ms. Chanida
Orthotic & Prosthetic Specialist
Mr. Teddy
Orthotic & Prosthetic Specialist
Ms. Patcharee
Orthotic & Prosthetic Specialist
Mr. Akaphol
Orthotic & Prosthetic Specialist
Ms. Thonthan


Location & Facilities

Thailand orthotic services

Working with the patient

  1. Maximum competency in medical identification of their individual situation.
  2. Patient and easy conversation identifying essential living needs and the resulting expectations in relation to the prosthesis or orthosis; discussing problems related to those previously used.
  3. Honest and objective presentation of all the solutions and components available technically, including presentations of their abilities and possible restrictions (also issues of different cost ranges).
  4. Proper use of the time spent with the patient by the prosthesis specialist and the technician; a prosthesis or orthosis is always an individual product, thus each one is a sum total of trial stages leading to its construction. For us it is obvious that the patient is entitled to offer comments at all stages of cooperation and to try out various solutions (e.g. in case of amputation of limbs the patient, following the production of a satisfactory prosthetic funnel , may try several various technical solutions).
  5. Efficient and friendly non-medical service (at the SOL reception), proposed short production period, and full warranty service both with respect to technology and to advisory services.

The priorities at the Scandinavian Orthopaedic Laboratory are technology and competence.

Technology - thanks to access to the latest achievements of orthopaedic technologies and abilities to use it, we are able to propose to our patients individual selection of the best materials and components of leading world manufacturers.

Competence - due to the experience gained during years of practice and constant upgrading of knowledge of optimum application of modern orthopaedic technology, we supply patients with individual solutions, adjusted to their situation and needs.

2-dimensional - We use Contemplas, a computerised gait analysis system, which permits analysis in three dimensions. Two cameras and a force plate at floor level provide information on the loads and the movement of limbs during walk. This system is used for both clinical patients and for analysis of gait within a number of research projects. Research is an important part of SOL’s activities and is carried out in parallel with our clinical work.

Scandinavian Orthopedic Laboratory Scandinavian Orthopedic Laboratory Scandinavian Orthopedic Laboratory
Scandinavian Orthopedic Laboratory Scandinavian Orthopedic Laboratory Scandinavian Orthopedic Laboratory
Scandinavian Orthopedic Laboratory Scandinavian Orthopedic Laboratory


Service Hours

orthotics for flat feet
Service Hours: Open Monday to Saturday (Closed Sunday)
  • Monday to Friday: 8.00 am to 5.00 pm
  • Saturday: 8.30 am to 4.00 pm
Location: SOL is located at the 1st floor, Bangkok Hospital Phuket
Contact Us: Make an Appointment Form
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