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Bangkok-Phuket Dental Center

World-class dental care at Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Nowadays, Phuket has become one of the most favourite destinations for dental treatment on an international scale. Medical tourists do not only find it far more reasonable in prices here, but they also look for top quality and satisfactory outcome. Then, it is not surprising that up to 35% of foreign clients at the Dental Center comes from medical tourism –dental evaluation & booking appointments done several months in advance from Australia, Europe, America, Russia, etc. with pre-arranged travel & accommodations.

Dental Center of Bangkok Hospital Phuket is located on the 5th floor. Along with total renovation, this will provide spacious and welcoming areas reflecting sleek functionality and exclusivity. Together with the growing force of our dentist team, we are empowered to provide full-scale dental treatment and fully satisfy all the needs of local residents and foreigners alike.

Our hospital-scale hygienic protocol and clinical support will simply leave you worry-free, especially in case of major dental surgery. Our most caring dentists stand ready to recommend full options to boost both your dental functionality and cosmetic effect, while our junior clients are recommended to start off their healthy teeth with regular dental check-up, teeth cleaning & fluoride application, sealant to prevent teeth decay.

Regarding new technology, this year the hi-tech 3D Digital X-ray has been installed for computer-assisted planning to ensure successful outcome of such major dental work as dental implantation, root canal treatment, etc. And on the part of effective pain management, "Laughing Gas" (Nitrous oxide) has recently been introduced in additional to conventional local anesthesia.

For more information please visit our sub-site at www.PhuketDentalCare.com


Hotel Booking becomes easier with exclusive privileges through Bangkok Hospital Phuket

We are very happy to inform your that Bangkok Hospital Phuket is now offering special rates for hotel booking exclusive for our patients only with confirmed treatment/surgery during their stay in our recommended hotels. To avail this promotion, please contact us to book your medical treatment and we will send you the list of hotels for you to choose. Then email us back which one you select and we will inform the said hotel to contact you directly for reservations.


Treatments & Services

Dental work in Thailand

Treatment Services General Dentistry

  • Dental Diagnosis and Consultation
  • Scaling and Polishing
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Tooth Filling

Treatment Services Dental Specialties by Dentistry Specialists

Treatment Services Cosmetic Dentistry

Treatment Services Children's Dentistry (Pediatric Dentistry)

  • Fluoride Veneers
  • Pediatric Dental Diagnosis and Consultation
  • Pediatric Dental Filling
  • Pediatric Orthodontics
  • Pit and fissure sealants
  • Stainless Steel Crowns

General Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Children's Dentistry



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Facilities & Location

Colorectal Surgery in Thailand

Dental Center is located on the 5th floor, Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

Dental Center of Bangkok Hospital Phuket is a full-service cosmetic dental practice caring for patients in Phuket and around the world. Your comfort is a priority in our center, where you are greeted with a warm, welcoming smile. Thanks to our professional experience and know-how, we provide you with best services. Our facilities include:

Dental CenterDental CenterDental Center

Dental CenterDental CenterDental Center


Service Hours

Heart Disease Treatment in Thailand
  • Monday to Friday : 9.00 am to 8.00 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday : 9.00 am to 5 pm


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Heart Disease Treatment in Thailand
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