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Send Us Your Feedback

We welcome all of your feedback, suggestions and comments including complaints and compliments!

This part of our website gives you an opportunity to let us know what you think. We welcome suggestions, complaints, compliments and comments on all aspects of our work.

Complaints - If you would like a written response to your complaint, please let us know. We will take your complaint very seriously and investigate the matter immediately and let you know we have received your suggestion within 24 hours (working days). If we need more time to consider your suggestion, or it is not possible to act on it, you will receive an explanation within 20 working days. We learn from our mistakes and hope to prevent them happening again when they do occur.

Suggestions or Comments - We welcome suggestions and comments about our services and staff. We will pass them to the relevant manager for information and action. We will let you know we have received your suggestion within 24 hours (working days).

Impressed, Satisfied or Compliments - Please let us know if you have experienced particularly good service at Bangkok Hospital Phuket and would like the member of staff or Department to be recognised. We will pass compliments to the staff who have given you good service for their information.

Please take a few moments to fill in our form and provide essential information (*) as indicated below. We take the security of your data very seriously.

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Feedback for Medical Services

Please choose Medical Centers, Clinics or Support Departments for send your feedback
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Thank you for trust in Bangkok Hospital Phuket !

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