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Chivawattana Membership

Welcome all members to Chivawattana Health Membership Cards

At Bangkok Hospital Group, we believe in the value of living well. That’s why we initiated the Chivawattana MyHealth Membership Program (Perfect Diamond, Prime Platinum card, Value Gold card, Junior card), a unique healthcare savings plan to help you lead a long and healthy life. Program members enjoy substantial savings at all 25 hospitals in the Bangkok Hospital Group network nationwide, as well as Samitivej Hospital Group, BNH Hospital, Phyathai Hospital Group and Paolo Memorial Hospital Group.

With its focus on health awareness and maintenance, as well as disease prevention, the program entitles cardholders to an array of benefits – from basic check-ups and dental procedures to discounts on specialized treatments and emergency service – all from the finest medical institutions in the region.

"This is the Chivawattana way - and assures the best healthcare available for you and your family"

Chivawattana Information


Chivawattana Membership Cards

Perfect Diamond Card

Download Brochure Online Payment
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Perfect Diamond CardFor those wanting the most privileges from Chivawattana membership, our Perfect Diamond Card provides a wide range of benefits.



Prime Platinum Card

Download Brochure Online Payment
Hospital Email

Prime Platinum Card At the Prime Platinum level, we offer substantial savings in health care benefits, including cancer detection and diagnostic exams, medical fees.



Value Gold Card

Download Brochure Online Payment
Hospital Email

Value Gold CardThis is the ideal plan for those desiring the benefits of Chivawattana membership at the most affordable cost.



Junior Card (up to 15 years old)

Download Brochure Online Payment
Hospital Email

Junior CardLaying a proper foundation for healthy living is essential to the development and wellness of your children.  Keep your kids strong and healthy from head to toe with the Chivawattana Junior Membership and receive discounts on specially selected services tailored to each stage in their development


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