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A premier health and welllness destination in Asia

Bangkok Hospital Phuket is a member of the fastest-growing Bangkok Dusit Medical Services PLC –BDMS, the largest hospital network in Asia-Pacific and among the world’s top five. We are capable of delivering world-class tertiary care over a comprehensive range of medical sub-specialties: cardiology, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, oncology, gynecology/obstetrics, colorectal disease, etc. We are not only well-recognized locally, but we are also a world-leading health & wellness destination favored by international clientèle: Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, America, Middle East, Russia/CIS countries. Our foreign clients amount to over 80,000 - 90,000 each year, and the figures stay on the rise.

The JCI International Accreditation testifies to our uncompromising and immaculate standards of medical care that paves the way to your unique medical experience amid world-renowned Thai hospitality. Nowadays, many visitors come to Phuket and combine their tropical holidays with medical treatment of their choice. As a leader in medical tourism for over a decade, we are a sought-after destination for dental work, senior vision correction, fertility care, spine surgery, da Vinci robot-assisted colorectal surgery, and most recently for Sleeve Gastrectomy – a popular bariatric treatment based on a multidisciplinary approach. This is simply your worthwhile holiday combined with medical care at greater value and par excellence.

International Medical Services: "We speak your language"
Our team of multilingual coordinators stands ready to help you overcome any language barriers. We collaborate with leading insurance/assistance companies worldwide to facilitate the insured with direct billing agreements. A dozen of world languages are spoken here, including: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Tagalog

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