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About Bangkok Hospital Phuket


Bangkok Hospital Phuket provides a full range of high quality healthcare services such as consultation, diagnosis and treatment services for a wide range of medical, surgical specialities and etc.

Bangkok Hospital Phuket a member of the fastest growing Bangkok Hospital Network in Thailand, a high quality international hospital in South East Asian region. We are the forefront of hospital advances in comprehensive ranges of medical treatments and medical technology with a unique Thai-ness hospitality and the excellent healthcare in Phuket.

Foreign patients can be assisted by interpreters and coordinators to many languages, from English to japanese. This can ensure you that language barriers will not be the core problems at all.

Our hospital offer to comprehensive services from routine health screenings, internal medical, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, dental treatment, cadio-thoracic surgery, and cardiology, radiology, urology, oncology, neurology. With the services of 28 Centers of Excellence, covering the full continuum of primary care.


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