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Grand Opening New Technology MRI scanner

Grand Opening of the new technology and most advanced MRI scanner in the Andaman region

Attention! This event was finished.

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Bangkok Hospital Phuket adopts world-class medical technology with the latest addition of a brand-new MRI scanner in a bid to increase diagnostic competence and precision for effective treatment outcome and maximum patient safety.

Grand Opening New MRI scanner

On 7 November 2014, Bangkok Hospital Phuket unveiled the latest edition of MRI scanner (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), which is considered the most advanced in the Andaman region. Dr. Kongkiat Kespechara, CEO Group 3.2 & Managing Director, presided over the grand opening held on ground floor, Bangkok Hospital Phuket.

Dr. Kongkiat elaborated on the objectives of this event, saying, "Bangkok Hospital Phuket has continuously improved the competence of doctors, nurses and staff in anticipation of becoming the Medical Center of Choice and Regional Tertiary Care in ASEAN community, with the ability to handle even the most serious of medical care, such as heart surgery, neuro-cerebral disease. As cutting-edge medical technology is another factor to make for faster and more accurate diagnosis, our hospital has decided to introduce the brand-new MRI scanner. MRI is high-caliber diagnostic technology that can detect body abnormalities from an early stage in light of timely treatment and care. It can investigate all over the body, such as cerebral system, spine, bone and muscles, heart muscles and valves, blood vessels."

"Key advantages of the new MRI scanner include the superior ability to investigate body parts, a broader spectrum of imaging, high definition with greater precision, compared with its predecessors, but all with faster speed. For example, diagnosis for heart patients, diagnosis of tissues and organs that are not usually within the reach of CT SCAN, or diagnosis for those who cannot tolerate X-ray or contrast media, such as pregnant patients, contrast-media-allergic patients, patients with kidney failure. Moreover, the apparatus boasts sophisticated design with an ample tunnel and short system length, resulting in less claustrophobic experience. Its hydraulic bed also accommodates Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) in case of emergency, while relaxing music is sure to lull a patient into total peace of mind. Therefore, this MRI technology can step in to help doctors diagnose diseases in a truly accurate and effective manner, resulting in total safety and a better quality of life on the part of our patients," added Dr. Kongkiat.

The brand-new MRI scanner is available at the Radiology & Imaging Center, ground floor, Bangkok Hospital Phuket. Our service stays open around the clock under close supervision from our multi-disciplinary medical team.

Photo Gallery

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Grand Opening New MRI scannerGrand Opening New MRI scannerGrand Opening New MRI scanner

Grand Opening New MRI scannerGrand Opening New MRI scannerGrand Opening New MRI scanner

Grand Opening New MRI scannerGrand Opening New MRI scannerGrand Opening New MRI scanner

Grand Opening New MRI scannerGrand Opening New MRI scannerGrand Opening New MRI scanner

Grand Opening New MRI scannerGrand Opening New MRI scannerGrand Opening New MRI scanner

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