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Celebrate the Grand Opening of Phuket Holiday Dialysis Center

Welcome to Bangkok Hospital Phuket's Activities and Events in 2011

Attention! This event was finished.

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Bangkok Hospital Phuket had held the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of its new state-of-the-art Phuket Holiday Dialysis Center on Tuesday, November 1, 2011 at our hospital.

Phuket Holiday Dialysis Center

Enjoy a Holiday Dialysis in Phuket - If a kidney disease makes you feel unsuitable to travel, it may be true but not at all! The facility of Phuket International Dialysis Center which is under supervision of Bangkok Hospital Phuket shall encourage you to visit and enjoy relaxing and traveling through Phuket. We are equipped with modern Fresenius 4008S next generation and the latest generation Fresenius 5008 for online HDF treatment. In addition to this, Bangkok Hospital Phuket is the first who performed Kidney Transplant in Andaman. It’s our pleasure to offer our service anytime you visit Phuket and we thank you for trusting our dialysis treatment.

Photo Gallery

Phuket Holiday Dialysis CenterPhuket Holiday Dialysis Center

Phuket Holiday Dialysis CenterPhuket Holiday Dialysis Center

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